Get Pre-Approved

Why Get Pre-Approved?

Why should you get pre-approved for a loan before house searching?

  1. It helps narrow the search for your new house knowing what you can afford. Who wants to waste hours and hours looking at houses outside his or her budget?
  2. It speeds up the process of closing the deal. Instead of scrambling to find a lender, you come to the game prepared.
  3. It may make a difference on whether your offer is accepted or not! Buyers who are already approved or are paying with cash look better to sellers.

How to Get Pre-Approved

Your best option is to give your local bank or mortgage company a call and ask them about getting pre-approved for a house. We recommend sticking with a bank or mortgage company that you have used in the past or know personally. He or she will then guide you through the process of getting approved for purchasing a house.

I Don’t Have a Lender I Know

If you don’t have a lender you have a relationship with then here are a few local mortgage lenders we can recommend:

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