Episode 6: Questions from Sellers and Buyers Part 1

This episode we field questions from Buyers and Sellers! We answer topics like: Can I see houses before I get a pre-approval letter? How soon does my earnest money check get cashed? How soon should I give someone possession of my house after closing? How low is too low to offer on a a...

How Do You Choose A Realtor?

How do you choose a realtor? The answer is real simple: Call Keith Realty!  But for those of you outside of our service area, what qualities should you look for in a Realtor? Trent and Ethan discuss this question in their latest YouTube video:

Should I Sell My House Myself? (FSBO)

So what are the benefits to selling your house without a Realtor? Well for one you don’t get to see our lovely faces! But really, should you sell your house yourself? Trent and Ethan made a video just for this question! Check it out here:

How to Set a Price on Your House

Setting a price on your home can be one of the most important decisions you make when trying to sell your house. Check out this video that Trent and Ethan made to help give you tips as you go about the process!

Episode 1: Preparation to Sell Your House

In this episode Trent Keith and Ethan McNeil discuss how to choose a realtor, whether or not you should sell your house without a realtor (FSBO), how to price your home, things you should think about before listing, and general tips for preparing to sell your home! If you have questions you’d like answered...